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Design Your business

Developing an Explicit Online Presence for Your Business
The Concept
Its the NDA* we start with and move on to defining the uniqueness and strengths of your business or product and we make them the foundation of your website.

*Non Disclosure Agreement
All Details
You will receive the text, images, information and design to match the closest to your needs, put in a fresh and inspiring definitions and visualization.

All information will mach perfectly well your vision and will be targeted directly to your clients.

In this step you will have the possibility and proposal, if needed, to optimize workflows and processes and achieve better efficiency. Do count on our business analysis expertise. it is what makes the difference and will get the job done fast and well.
The Solution
At the end you will have the competitive advantage of a website, which is
Perfectly working on all platforms
Modern, fast and representative
Information for your clients available 24/7
Ready-to-go technical solution, support and full instructions how to manage it.

We guarantee it will be easy and trouble-free!

The process

The work process in 3 easy steps
The market advantages, the most important competencies and the best strengths are what make each company different, thus being the key components of the internet presence.
Website's focus, information and message should obtain maximum efficiency, aiming directly towards the potential clients of the website.
We offer to our clients complete solution for their online presentation, increasing the trust in their business.
small things do matter
Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you START.
What we value the most is the trust of our clients.
Trust is what keeps the process fast and the expenses low.

Brilliance in business analysis is our key advantage, understanding key facts and needs of our clients' business.

Expertise in design and information presentation.
We Work In
In three easy steps we develop quick and adequate solution

How long does it take, How much it costs.

Ask us!
The Key to Achieving the Goal
In 2 seconds the user decides if this website is of any interest.
In 20 seconds the user needs to find what he/she is looking for.
If staying longer than 2 minutes, the user is a loyal client.

We develop such solutions for the web presentation and external communication of our clients' business, that the user turns into a client within 2 seconds!
Your idea, Your business intentions - the road map to your website
Its all about our clients'
New business idea
Fine tuning of the web page to extrapolate the best advantages.
Renew of the online presence following the top world tendencies.

Quick, effective and efficient work process. Modern look and Flexible design.

Follow up, support and care for your business needs.

Why Us

Trust, Speed and Business Understanding
Building the trust and keeping the communication vivid and meaningful.
The excellent understanding of the strengths and advantages of the business gives us the confidance that our clients will get the best solution for their website.
What you will receive. All types of people, who work with us. Many industries and businesses we develop partnership with. As long as you need to be online.
GL Design Studio
Designing your online presence is the way
We create new business approach
Gergana's professorial experience, networking, methods, practice
and all'bunch of advises and services can provided especially for you.
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Contacts and location
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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